Subscription to SIAN

To apply for SIAN, you must activate the relevant service on the MIPAAF portal accessible at

On the homepage select the menu item ACCESSO ALL’AREA RISERVATA located at the top right and then the ISCRIZIONE UTENTE item (section AZIENDE-CITTADINI) and proceed according to the sequence of operations indicated in the downloadable document by clicking here.

The process is very simple, just specify the
option TIPO DI ISCRIZIONE (usually username and password), select the option SETTORE (Sistema Informativo dell’Ippica) and TIPO SOGGETTO equal Persona fisica.

Indicate the Code found on the document of the transfer sent by the bank: it is present in the purpose of the payment (if you have already received prize money; otherwise contact:, an email address attaching a valid document (in PDF format).

After the validation phase, you will receive the PIN (required for the password reset) and the FIRST ACCESS PASSWORD (to be changed with a new one of your choice) to the e-mail address specified.

Keep in mind that if a person is the legal representative of several companies, through your access credentials, you can manage them all.

If you already have access credentials to the portal issued for another service (e.g. organic sector), in order to obtain further qualification for the horse racing sector, you should still be registered (in this case you will not receive any new credentials but only the confirmation of service authorization).

Access to SIAN

In order to access the ministry's portal, you must follow the link in the browser on the homepage and select the entry ACCESSO ALL’AREA RISERVATA located at the top of the right side and then select the first option ACCEDI.

On the proposed authentication page, insert your credentials (USERNAME is code and PASSWORD received) and select the button ACCEDI.

At first you will need to change your first access password and indicate a new one of your choice.