Transparency, publication of beneficiaries - Reg. (UE) 1306/2013 and Reg. (UE) 908/2014 pubbAimu


"Notice is hereby given that, by 31 May of current year, the data relating to payments received by the beneficiaries in the financial previous year are published on the portal Agea pursuant to art. 111 of the EU Regulation. 1306/2013 and Chapter VI of the Implementing Regulation EU n. 908/2014.

The publication is carried out using the tools provided by telematic Government Code, pursuant to art. 3 bis of Law no. 241/90 and subsequent amendments to Law no. 69/2009.

The rights conferred by the rules on the protection of personal data and the procedures applicable for exercising these are covered by Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995."