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Cartografia delle valanghe
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Avalanche Cadastre and Cartography


The Avalanche Warning Service was established in 1957 for statistic purposes and international studies, to collect territorial data requested by FAO- Forestry Division and the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Researches of Davos (Swiss).

It was the first state avalanche warning service on the whole Italian national territory for civil purposes. It used uniform and homogeneous methods aimed to collect records, information and data about single avalanche events, to map avalanche event areas, to fill out avalanche forms with all the detailed information (soil, geology, vegetation, orography, slope, altitudes, etc.) distinguished according to types of area (release area, avalanche track and runout zone).

  foto di una valanga che ha invaso una strada
  immagine di un paesaggio boschivo con neve  

The Avalanche Warning Service, that is still working nowadays, in the 60's contributed to the creation of two important historical archives, the Italian Cadastre and Historical Avalanche Cartography, that recently have been digitized into a Territorial Information System in GIS, whose data came straight from the office within whose territorial jurisdiction an avalanche event occurs (Avalanche Event Dossier).

The Cadastre and Historical Cartography represent important instruments for territorial planning and risk prevention and management, proper task of local authorities and Civil Protection Services, and in particular of Local Avalanche Commissions (Commissioni Locali valanghe - CLV).
Moreover they are used to realize the Maps of avalanche likely location (Carte di localizzazione probabile delle valanghe - CLPV),
the Maps of Avalanche Terrain Exposure (Piani delle Zone esposte alle valanghe - PZEV),
the Intervention plans for avalanche artificial triggering (Piani di tintervento per il distacco artificial delle valanghe - PIDAV), as well as for snow and climate studies and researches.